TitleThe website of PSTEK Co., Ltd. renewal
The website of PSTEK Co., Ltd. renewal

Hello. This is PSTEK.

We have remodeled our website(http://www.pstek.net/) for the relaunch.

Each product has a own introducing page and the contents of products have been expanded.

The composition and feature of website are as follows,

Company – PSTEK’s introduction, business present condition, products, technologies, news and etc..
Induction heating – The best power supplies(high frequency/high capacity) introduction by the induction heating applications.
Electronic Ballast for UV Lamp – PSTEK has developed the electronic power supply of UV lamp domestically for the first time. The various UV lamp electronic power supplies and applications introduction.
Special Power Supply – High precision power supplies in the special industries such as defense, medicine and so on.

All of website pages support Korean, English, Japanese and Chinese.

I hope that many of your continuing interests in our new website.



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