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EV Quick Charger

Product Info

EV Quick Charger is a high capacity charger to charge the battery of the electric vehicle in double-quick time. And its power capacity can be customized for users because it is controlled with the parallel connection multiplex system. And it is controlled by the digital method and the technical power control methods are constant-current, constant voltage and constant power. It has a high efficiency(more than 93%) due to the technical characteristics from 15% to 100% of rated load area.


ㆍHigh Efficiency and High Power Factor
ㆍVarious Interfaces
ㆍWide Module Operation Area
ㆍVarious Protection Circuit
ㆍCompact Size & Light Weight
ㆍLess Noise, Less Heat
ㆍFull Digital Control
ㆍFlexible Line-UP


ㆍEnergy Saving → CO2↓
ㆍCost Saving
ㆍEasy to Use & Maintenance
ㆍEasy to Setup
ㆍHigh Durability
ㆍHigh Reliability

Protect Function

ㆍShort Circuit
ㆍOpen Circuit
ㆍReverse Circuit
ㆍOver Voltage
ㆍLow Voltage

Battery Monitoring

ㆍTemperature Monitoring
ㆍVoltage Monitoring
ㆍAmp-hours Monitoring
ㆍCharging Time Monitoring